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The staff was wonderful!

My husband lost his peripheral vision due to a tumor and the craniotomy to remove it. We were referred to Dr Waguespack because of her low vision experience. Dr Waguespack did a thorough examination and suggested we order a prism glass kit to try to enhance what vision he does have, with the stretch hope he can drive again.

We returned in 2 weeks and the team attached the temporary prism kit to his existing glasses. We’ll now try wearing those for a couple weeks, return, and decide if we want to order the permanent prism glasses. The temporary prism glasses will give him a 17 degree improvement to vision range, permanent up to 30 degree (75% increase) if we opt to order those.

The staff was wonderful!

- Sarah C. - Google 2018

Dear Valued Patient,

First off, we wish you and yours well during this time. We are praying for your safety and wellbeing.

At Dr. Wendy Waguespack & Associates, the health and safety of our patients and employees is our top concern. Our offices will be closed temporarily as advised by the CDC. Changes are constantly unfolding, so check back with our website for updates as to when we reopen.

We will be actively monitoring our voicemail and emails to assist patients with questions or urgent care needs.

Our office will be answering calls ONLY M-Th 830-430p and Friday 830-4p. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you. Dr. Wendy Waguespack & Associates Team