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On Site Lens Finishing Lab

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Our on-site lens lab means quicker eyeglasses while you wait. Our investment into the absolute latest on-site lens lab technology is part of our commitment to providing the residents of Baton Rouge the absolute best eye care and eyewear.

The benefits include:

  • Emergency eyeglasses replacements
  • Ultrafast eyeglasses while you wait
  • Same day children’s glasses
  • Same day specialty glasses
  • High precision lenses
  • The ability to offer a wider range of lenses
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Our On-Site lens finishing lab, means we are able to provide our patients the quickest service available. Our highly trained Optical staff are skilled at fitting your lenses into the frames you choose, for the optimal fit.  When purchasing glasses, the process usually requires sending out to an off-site lab to get the proper lenses fitted to the frames you have selected. By bringing this process in house, we have dramatically improved the service we offer to our patients. With turn around times sometimes as quick as same day eyeglasses!

Another area of contention for many buyers of eyeglasses is that the fit was not right the first time, requiring yet another long wait for the changes from the off-site lab. By having the On-site lab, we are able to correct any issue right away. This wonderful technology is just another indication of our commitment to bringing the latest technology to our patients, and to provide the absolute highest level of patient care from any optometrist in Baton Rouge.


A common complaint our optical hears is that customers have bought glasses elsewhere and there are always problems requiring them to bring the glasses back and wait until the changes were made at an off site lab, a process that sometimes takes weeks. As part of our commitment to the best service for our patients and customers, we have a state of the art lens lab allows for easier centering and blocking, with a larger area to handle your eye glasses. This feature is very important to ensure the precise processing of your lenses. With eye glasses, precision is the key for fewer issues with your fit, getting it right the first time.


We are fortunate that technology has advanced to the point where multiple options of lenses are available to match your specific needs. Our on site lab can quickly and precisely prepare your new lenses working with new generation hydrophobic lenses, rectangular shapes, fragile lenses, mineral, organic, mid and high index, polycarbonate, trivex, trybrid, polishing, non standard shaped lenses.

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This advanced feature means faster eyeglasses for your kids' glasses too. The rapid tracing feature means faster eyeglasses while you wait.

With a state of the art touch screen computer, the lab also stores settings for many of our top sellers allowing super fast turn around while you wait.

Learn about the specialty lens coatings available in Baton Rouge.

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